Trust And Safety


Security is the way to the achievement of any Outbound Training and experience Activities. We have taken every one of the measures to guarantee the wellbeing of the members. The procedure to survey security measures is consistent with us.

All Equipment utilized for experience exercises are guaranteed globally under UIAA benchmarks and is kept up routinely by Lonners Expedition for wellbeing value.

All our staff are affirmed, experienced and have experienced outside initiative accreditation in different enterprise courses of presumed establishments like NIM, HMI. All our outbound mentors are affirmed in outbound help and experiential learning strategies.

We guarantee Standard Operating Procedures are taken after to actualize strict security measures. All hardware utilized by Lonners Expedition is of high caliber and facilitators are prepared to hold fast to security rules. A completely prepared medical aid pack goes with all outbound.

With all area based exercises members are given security gear. for all water-based action members wear a lifejacket at whatever point in the water. We take each safety measure to ensure your group is protected and mischance free. The related danger of doing the outbound exercises is minimized by our high security measures.

Safety: Safety is given most extreme need on all our enterprise occasions and we are pleased with our wellbeing norms. Our strict wellbeing set of principles, the best in class hardware and our qualified educators guarantee and keep up our security record.

Our outside group is prepared and guaranteed in First Aid and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). To keep the experience rich and in addition safe we keep up an open-air authority to understudy proportion of 1:10

Equipment: We have cutting edge gear including UIAA confirmed climbing hardware, protective caps and life coats.

Manageability: Our occasions lay gigantic accentuation on supportability and urge the understudies to be delicate to environment, individuals and spots they visit.

Food: we give top need to cleanliness while setting up the tasty nourishment served in camp. It is by and large a blend of Indian and Continental Veg sustenance. Crisp Fruits and vegetables are gotten locally. We give mineral water in the tents.

Medical Assistance: We guarantee nearness of a camp specialist with prepared First Aid and Medicines at the camp and a standby vehicle to handle crises of any sort.